Mirai Botnet knocks down internet

Malware named Mirai Botnet knocks off over a million routers.
Reason being, insecure connection to internet from devices. This virus caused an entire internet to go offline, hurting some of the biggest and most popular websites. It was a DDOS attack that affected anything over a wireless and wired connection.

DDOS (aka Distributed Denial of Service)  is a of Denial of service attack. What this does is flood the victim/s with data, overwhelming the network, and causing it to go down for a while.

Now there are a three different Categories of DDoS.
-Pings of Death

And these are broken up into four attack classes
-TCP connection attacks
-Volumetric Attacks
-Fragmentation Attacks
-Application attack

There are also two ways to multiply the attack power
-DNS reflection
-Chargen Reflection

Though they have different names and commit the attacks in different ways, the final outcome is shutting down servers and networks. Over 900,000  broadband routers belonging to Deutsche Telekom users in Germany were kicked offline, after a supposed cyber attack the prior weekend that took off all Cellular, TV, and Internet-based connection the following weekend.

An intercepted packet showed a remote code execution flaw inside the part of a SOAP request that had been used to download and execute the file to harm the unprotected device.

The hacker created three separate exploit files to infect three different architectures: two running different types of MIPS chips and the other with ARM silicon.

The harmful data overload pushed into the remote administration interface and attempted to log in using three different default passcodes. After this, port 7547 was closed in order to prevent other hackers from taking control of the infected devices.

CGC technologies specializes on finding the problem at the sources and stopping it before the harm is done. All user information and data is secured, explicit to the user only making sure that it doesn’t fall into the hands of any attackers.