KillDisk Asks Linux for Ransom

Linux was recently targeted by Killdisk ransomware .

First lets start with what it is. KillDisk ransomware is a data wiping malware that is used to erase all information or selected information by deleting them from the selected computer. Now this can be very hazards to a company if they do not have the information stored in a backup device.

This was the case for Linux, an operating system like windows or mac. The cyber criminal requested 222bitcoins which is equivalent to about 200k in US dollars. And get this! the FBI advises that unless you have a back up file, you should pay the hacker. Not a very good idea because its not always guaranteed they will give you the decryption key. This specific version of Killdisk was made jus for Linux and does not save the key anywhere on the disk or control center.



Best way to prevent this from happening to your small business or company is to make sure you have a back up file and secure defense. CGC Technologies specializes in keeping customer information safe and out of way from unwanted hands, All while maintaining easy access to you.