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Cyber Security Assessment


CGC Technologies, Inc. specializes in Cyber Security Assessments and can assist small, medium and enterprise level organizations within the Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC area and help strengthen their security posture. A cyber Security or Network Security Assessment is imperative for companies especially in today’s ever evolving Internet landscape. To understand your Network security posture it is recommended that a Security Assessment is performed at least once a year. Depending on how sensitive and critical the data your organization houses, a cyber security assessment can be conducted on a quarterly basis or every six months.

Often companies opt out in getting an assessment done either budgetary constraints or that lack of understanding of why it is necessary to have an assessment performed. CGC Technologies, Inc. work with many companies and can assist with a tailor made or customized approach. Don’t let these constraints weaken your security posture, contact CGC Technologies today for consultation on our Cyber Security Assessment. We have qualified network security consultants that can assist in guidance and implementation in hardening your network security posture.

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