Data is essential to your business. Protect and Manage it Smart.

As data growth continues at an unprecedented pace, the systems and software you rely on to manage, store and protect this mission-critical information have grown increasingly complex. Without data management, your business would be in turmoil. Do what you can to make sure your data is secure, yet available when you need it most. Gain peace of mind that your data is always protected, while still being available at your fingertips. CGC offer a suite of data management services to cater to your company’s specific data needs.

Server Backup & Desktop Backup

Our server backup services provides a fully managed cloud backup service with proactive remote administration and monitoring, removing the backup operations headaches so you can focus on core projects instead of backup chores. You need to reduce the burden of the backup itself and the cycle time to recovery. Enter CGC’s server & desktop backup service – a cloud based managed solution providing automated data backup and recovery with no capital investment.

With CGC’s Server & Desktop Backup service you’ll be able to:

  • Return productive time to your resources by replacing manual, complex, daily backup chores with an automatic backup service that ensures easy, fast, and reliable data recovery.
  • Minimize data loss with continuous backup and mirrored data centers.
  • 24×7 365 Monitoring of backup schedule
  • Encrypt data at the source, in transit, and in storage using 256-bit AES encryption

When you choose CGC’s backup service, you can be confident in your ability to find what you need when you need it, reduce downtime and get back up and running … because your business depends on it.

Disaster Recovery

We’ve got you covered… Have peace of mind that you’ll get back up and running rapidly and reliably—regardless of geography, or the extent of the damage.When unforeseen events occur, a trusted partner can support and accelerate your recovery. But what if you could plan for the worst with support guiding you the entire way? Having a plan of recovery is a great way to prepare. But that plan needs to be reviewed, tested, evaluated and refined and implemented within your business to ensure it’ll work when the time comes.

Don’t let disaster sneak up on you. Using the Disaster Recovery Support service our experts can help you explore different disaster scenarios and the implications it can have on your business and your customers. Other areas of this service include real-world testing, defining a set of priority media and establishing a remote backup set for that priority media.

With this service you’ll know that your business is protected and able to get back up and running in the event of an unplanned event or full-scale disaster with the help of CGC’s Disaster Recovery Support service.